Dance Concert

This year N.G.P.S did a dance concert.

I walked up the stairs slowly one by one breathing heavily as I took the stage ready for the singing group to perform. I got multiple shivers down my spine and my teeth clenched with nerves. The soloists did their verses and now it was the last verse, I freaked out as I watched my fingers tremble. It was time everybody started to sing including me we all ended the song together and I was so proud of myself but that was only the start.
The choir was about to begin and I was once again shivering and breathing heavily. The rest of the choir hopped on to the stage and got me even more nervous than before, I thought to myself what if I mess up and wreck the song. We were all in our lines and the song started I sang from my heart and my gut and I got through it.

After sitting down and waiting we needed to take our shoes and socks off and waited next to the stairs, I felt like my head was going to explode and my eyes were going to pop out of my eye sockets. In a line we got into our position and the song started it went well and then some people did some tricks and we went into our poses way to early. I was so glad our turn was over and for the rest of the night we watched all the other ones and I was so proud of myself.




Car Board Car Regatta

N.G.P.S had a car board car regatta and it was so much fun and this is what we did…

First we got put in our groups of four, I was with Bridget, Kade and Thomas R. Next we designed our car and it was about our unique Earth. Finally we got passed that stage and moved on to creating, we over did the glitter on our car and it definitely did not look the best but at least it was functional.

It was the day of the race and it was time to get our game mojo on. We all set out to the oval.

First went the preps, next the grade ones, later the grade twos, after the grade threes and next came us. Prancing about we went to our lines and than Mr. Bell spoke, “take you marks, Go” and we were off like the wind. We may not have won but we did not come last.

The end




Black out Poem

A black out poem is when you get a piece of paper and choose words from it to form the poem  and than you black out all the other words you don’t want.

My poem is about a wallet that  gets stolen and the man chases the person who steals it. image